Facts About Mother Teresa

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God creates figures like Mother Teresa once in a million years. She is still alive in her mission of helping the poor. Here are some interesting facts about this great, humble spirit of a woman.

Fact 1:

Mother Teresa’s original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, and she was born in a family that was quite stable financially.

Fact 2:

Mother Teresa once went to a bakery to get some bread for her orphanage children. She held out a hand and asked for bread, but the bakery man spit on it. She said, “I will keep it for me, but give me bread for my children.” The bakery man realized her gentleness, and later he became the main bread donor for her orphanage.

Fact 3:

She started her work in India with just three sarees and an amount of five Indian rupees.

Fact 4:

The famous white saree of mother Teresa with blue stripes costs only 1 U.S. dollar.

Fact 5:

Receiving her Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she requested the money from the banquet to be used to feed the poor. It fed almost 15,000, poor, hungry people.

Fact 6:

Only a few people know that the activities of Mother Teresa were actually in response to her own sufferings when her father died and she was just eight years old.

Fact 7:

Traveling in planes, Mother Teresa would collect the leftover food and give it to the poor to eat.

Fact 8:

Mother Teresa was just 5 feet tall and thus the smallest nun in the church.

Fact 9:

Mother Teresa had been the most daring to leave her house and family at the age of 18 years and join the missionaries.

Fact 10:

Pope Paul VI, impressed by her work, gave her a car which she sold to help the poor.

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