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Facts About People With Green Eyes

Eyes are always considered as the mirror of the soul. Human eye color is an inherited trait often influenced by multiple genes. The genes decide the eye colors from the very commonly found color brown, to the uncommon color green. The color of the eyes can tell a lot about a person’s character. People with green eyes are very special. Green-eyed people are considered the most beautiful people who always tend to do magic with their charm.

Some of the interesting facts about people with green eyes are:

Fact 1: People with green eyes are very uncommon. There are only 1-2% of people in the world who are green-eyed.

Fact 2: Green-eyed people are often mysterious in nature. They are also the ones who attract people by their looks and rarely go unnoticed in a crowd. Both in their personal and professional lives, they are often the bosses.

Fact 3: They are often self-centered, deceitful, selfish, and calculative in nature. Green- eyed people are believed to be curious and sharp minded.

Fact 4: The negative trait about green-eyed people is jealousy. They are also the ones who does not believe in compromising. They also tend to have a temper.

Fact 5: They have an incredible passion for life and are always enthusiastic and interested about life.

Fact 6: Leadership is an inborn quality in green-eyed people. They are good listeners and fantastic speakers. They always find a way to overcome obstacles through their sharp minds.

Fact 7:  Because of the charm they have in their eyes, they easily hypnotize people around them. Sometimes this can work in their favor.

Fact 8: Green-eyed people always make others laugh.

Fact 9: Green-eyed people are often thought of as creative and slightly devious.

Fact 10: Green-eyed people are often thought to have feline characteristics. Sleekness, sneakiness, and coldness are the typical characteristics of felines.

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  1. Cool! I have green eyes

  2. Sometimes my eyes are blue, sometimes green. Why?

    • They can be called “chameleon eyes” as the color may change because of what your wearing, because of what’s around you, lighting, and a lot more. But if your older and are constantly changing that can be a sign of something’s wrong with your eye.

  3. I have green eyes! But I’m not evil or self absorbed…. But I do make people laugh!! :)

  4. OH SNAP!!! Totally true on all accounts. They also forgot to mention good with abstracts, sexually unequalled, and manipulative………………lol

  5. wow… interesting facts !! I’ve heard that Men are able to read fine print better than women… its kinda partiality with men :P

  6. This is innacurate I have green/blue eyes and I am the opposite of selfish. If anything I put myself last.

  7. Oooh…..bit too close to the truth

  8. @ courtney. There is a big difference in the look of green eyes as compared to blue green eyes.
    Green eyes might shift colour but it is more towards grey.

  9. Its very true my exwife had green eyes …was very violent and jealous i miss and love her though lol

  10. its like they took all of my characteristics and just wrote them down!

  11. I am just like they described! Except the selfishness. Beause I am never selfish.
    But everything else was true!!

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