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Facts about Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a name very well known to almost every theater-loving person. Born in New Orleans, Tyler Perry is an African American who had a very gloomy childhood behind the smoke screens of his practical life, where he is a writer, producer, and a director with no comparison. However, this journey of ‘œrags to riches’ for Perry was not an easy one. Some facts highlighting the life of Tyler Perry are as follows:

Fact 1:

Tyler Perry had been in a very difficult and abused life as a child, unfortunately at the hands of his own father. Only a few people might have an idea what kind of suffering he went through. (

Fact 2:

Tyler Perry achieved his true passion of profession as a director, producer, and writer by describing his own terrible experiences. All of his work revolves around a central theme of misery and distress. (

Fact 3:

Perry got his inspiration to work from a comment made in the all-time famous Oprah Winfrey show. (Fun Trivia)

Fact 4:

Perry has been writing plays since he was 18. (Fun Trivia)

Fact 5:

Tyler Perry attended high school with the famous rapper Mystikal; however he did not complete his high school. (Fun Trivia)

Fact 6:

The longest running character, Madea, who was created by Tyler Perry was actually a very small role in his early plays!

Fact 7:

Known to be a ‘œclass clown’ and a comedian for all, Tyler Perry was actually a dejected and stressed man who claims to have learned the art of creating stories by this very ‘œpretentious’ quality of his personality. (Christine, 2004)

Fact 8:

Despite his father’s violence, the mother of the famous playwright Tyler Perry was a very pious and God-fearing lady with a habit of going to church daily. (Biography for Tyler Perry)

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