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Facts about UHT Milk

Milk is always appreciated as one of the most necessary components of diet. These days, the UHT milk has lessened the demand for regular milk considerably. However, there are some facts that must be known before deciding which milk to go for.

Fact 1:

Have you ever thought why some milk products can be kept without a fridge? It is the UHT (ultra-high temperature) pasteurization that helps the milk to retain its freshness even without being refrigerated! (Dairy Goodness)

Fact 2:

Some people argue that the UHT pasteurized milk is advertised wrongfully if it is said that it is healthier and germ-free. In fact, the UHT process is introduced in the milk market only to increase the shelf life of the milk. (KristenM, 2013)

Fact 3:

The UHT milk is treated at a temperature as high as 280o F which not only kills the spores of botulism but also decrease some of the nutritional value of the milk. (Locavoredelmundo, 2010)

Fact 4:

The containers in which the milk is packed after getting UHT treated are made of paper, plastic, and aluminum, which cannot easily be recycled. (Locavoredelmundo, 2010)

Fact 5:

For those who believe that the UHT pasteurized milk is safer to drink, check out the code at the bottom of the pack. If the code says B1235 then it means that the milk you are using is reprocessed. Shocking!! (Locavoredelmundo, 2010)

Fact 6:

A recent study by the USDA shows that half of the US population is deficient in vitamin B-12. Is this actually because of the fact that Americans are the largest consumers of the UHT milk? Think about it! (Milk Unleashed, 2013)

Fact 7:

Whether you consume skimmed, 1% or 2%, or even whole milk in the tetra pack, the nutritional content is the same! (Milk Unleashed, 2013)

Fact 8:

A 1% UHT milk is safer for use in the sauces, desserts and casseroles, all those dishes which call for regular milk. The results are same!! (USDA Foods, 2011)

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