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Music is the food of soul! It has existed since the beginning of man himself and flourished as people started giving it different shapes. As time passed by, many instruments were invented and created. Among many others, the ukulele is a small guitar-like musical instrument famous in Hawaii. There are certain interesting facts related to the making and use of this musical instrument. These facts will help you understand some new things about ukuleles.

Fact 1:

The word “Ukulele” has a meaning as interesting as its pronunciation. In Hawaiian it means “jumping flea”.

Fact 2:

A ukulele is a very tricky and intricate instrument and there are only a few companies in the world that make this instrument.

Fact 3:

Although they come in four different sizes, a ukulele never goes beyond a length of 60 centimeters.

Fact 4:

An interesting fact about this instrument is that this member of the guitar family is only 130 years old! Not as old as many other instruments… (Answers.com)

Fact 5:

A ukulele was introduced by a Portuguese immigrant 60 years after the guitar was invented. The name refers to the small size and fast movement of the fingers on the strings. (LU AU Kalamaku)

Fact 6:

In some places you may find it made out of plastic but a true ukulele is made out of wood and the quality of the instrument is determined by the quality of the wood it is made from. (Encyclopedia)

Fact 7:

There are three main official shapes of a ukulele: figure-of-eight, pineapple, and paddle. (Chesterton News)

Fact 8:

Ukuleles are only three centimeters thick. You will never find a ukulele thicker than that! (Chesterton News)

Fact 9:

Before it was coined with the name “Ukulele”, it was called the “Madeiran/Madeira Guitar”. (Hub Pages)

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