Facts about Upper Normandy

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France’s hidden jewel, Upper Normandy has some very fascinating facts attached to its history and being, let us have a look!!

Fact 1:

Upper Normandy, also called as Haute-Normandie, is famous for its cathedral which is the highest cathedral in France (P.F, n.d).

Fact 2:

An interesting fact about the province is that besides Paris (famous for its Eifel Tower), Normandy is second most famous place to be considered in France and that due to its religious historical background(Evalla, 1999).

Fact 3:

It is fascinating to note that the region collects most of its economic wealth through tourism, although its main sources of economy including, agriculture, chemical and oil industry are highly yielding (Birding, n.d).

Fact 4:

Upper Normandy is the largest region in France occupying 5% of the total area of France but even more intriguing fact is that the population of this piece of land is also 5% of the total population of France (Birding, n.d).

Fact 5:

The countryside of Upper Normandy is thickly lined with apple orchards and being self-sufficient in the apple production, upper Normandy has apple as an essential part of its cuisine (Cantera, 2013).

Fact 6:

World knows much about Paris but very few do know that the two most important ports of France, Dieppe and Le Havre are located in the Upper Normandy (F.P, n.d).

Fact 7:

Normandy is highly known for a very unique and high quality white wine which is a blessing from the region’s own rich soil best for vineyards(Kao, 2013).

Fact 8:

This region of France, the Upper Normandy is linked with the London Municipality of Redbridge located in the United Kingdom but the lineage has never been used as a healthy opportunity (P.F, n.d).

Fact 9:

Normandy also holds a good name in its Christmas celebrations. The Special cake baked for the day is called as “Galette des Rois” which has a special item baked inside. The founder of the item is crown as the king or queen of the day (Rogier, 1999).

Fact 10:

Naturally, this region is finely divided by a river called Seine, which flows near Le Havre from southeast to northwest (P.F, n.d).

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